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01 December 2011

the only thing - a thankful thursday -

86: sitting on the roof to catch the last of the sun's warm rays
before they dip behind the mountain dark

87: encouraging worship music that speaks to the heart
(the only thing by ronnie freeman)

92: vanilla caramel candles + tea + Christmas music + drawing

100: the joy and peace that comes with being in God's word
and obeying His will

105: tears washing down newness

112: hands open wide -- in praise


129: sleep - refreshing, restoring, & rejuvenating

141: glorious light to capture with my lens


157: a houseful of friends, laughter, and good food - hospitality

The Only Thing
--ronnie freeman--

I heard someone say
The other day
They'd seen in me
True love displayed
Blessed by something
I had done for them
No sooner
Did they speak those words
I found myself
Somehow disturbed
Uneasy as I took their compliment
Because I know
The heart inside this man
And I know the truth of who I am

The only thing that's good in me
I know me well enough to know
No matter what this life may show
The only thing that's good in me
Is Jesus
It's You
It's You
It's You
Only You

In Christ,



Your photos never cease to amaze me. Love love love the colors. ♥


Beautiful, Emily!


I'm in LOVE with photo #2!

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