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08 December 2011

the life I have been given - a thankful thursday -

168: dishwater to make hands warm
171: warm fires to chase away chill-bumps
172: encouraging song today: Sun & Moon by Phil Wickham
Sun & Moon
-phil wickham--

if You are the sun
then I wanna be the moon
I wanna reflect the light that shines from You

173: the life I have been given & another year to live--today is my birthday ;)
179: newly made beds to slip under heavy covers - a weight of warmth
180: Christmas lights warm and cheery =)


181: El Shaddai - Almighty God
182: fresh snow to make world newly beautiful

entering in iLove winter wonderland

Have a wonderful evening, friends!

Love in Christ,


mary ann

happy happy birthday! :)
i am totally in love with that snow picture. i wish it would snow where I live!


these are *beautiful* pictures!
happy birthday!! :D

Emily Ruth

Happy Birthday!
I simply LOVE those photos, especially the one of the lights.

Grace Anna

Happy Birthday! :)


AWESOME PHOTOS!!! Too bad it rarely ever snows down here :/

Emily Grace

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes! =D

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