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15 December 2011

all is grace - a thankful thursday -

162: encouraging songs to assist in the morning attitude adjustment necessary to have a good day--full of love, joy, and laughter.
All is Grace
shaun groves

all is grace
all is grace and grace enough

184: Yahweh - I Am that I Am

185:: birthday wishes --joyous, loud & laughing

186: balloons reflecting the snowscape out the window and the sweet little sister who thought them up


187: siblings with servant hearts - a day without chores as a gift of love to me

188: family traditions bringing back many memories of old

190: Daddy who comes home cheerful and makes us all laugh

191: clean rooms just vacuumed

192: Adonai - my Great Lord

198: Titus phrases that make us all laugh loud "eliminate the house!"



ah your photography is ahmazing.


I LOVE that song! So beautiful!
Great picture! Absolutely breath taking!


Emily, this is beautiful! I LOVE that last photo.
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I love this idea of posting what you're thankful for on Thursdays!

Family, siblings, Jesus Christ...could we be more blessed?

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