FYI: Posts will be sparse around here until I replace my laptop.... Coming back to work after Christmas break apparently was too hard and it quit on me!

25 September 2014

In the Morning - a thankful thursday

(Remembering God's faithfulness to me this past year in this post--something I started writing back in February.)

In the morning I see His face,
In the evening His form I trace,
In the darkness His voice I know;
I see Jesus everywhere I go.

23 September 2014

Life Today

It has been one month and a week. Sometimes it feels like that year was simply a dream and it never happened at all. Other days this feels like a dream and I'll simply wake up and head to barn chores.

04 September 2014

Just a Glimpse - a thankful thursday

(Just a glimpse of God's many blessings to me this past week)

1017: a weekend at home
1018: homemade bread
1019: box lunches
1020: God's Sovereignty
1021: His promise to forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness
1022: daily all sufficient grace
1023: laughter with friends

02 September 2014

Just a simple question...

It was a simple question, and it went around the table with each one giving a simple answer:
"heavy metal"          
"all kinds"
     "classical and Christian rap"
"Christian contemporary"                  
"original music. You know, not the repetitive stuff like all the Christian music"

But then it was my turn, and I couldn't give a simple answer to the simple question, "What kind of music do you like to listen to?" 
Within this question there lies a deeper one--"who do you serve?"