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30 August 2011

Tuesday's Tips -Adding Scroll to Top Floating Button

Ever wanted to put that nifty little 'Scroll to Top' button on your blog? Here's a simple how to!
(Wondering what I'm talking about? Try scrolling down my blog and look in the bottom right hand corner. Nifty, right?)

Go to your dashboard > design tab > edit HTML section.

First search for this piece of code in your HTML:

Directly after that copy and paste this code:

<style type='text/css'>
#w2b-StoTop {-moz-border-radius: 5px;-webkit-border-radius: 5px;border-radius: 5px; width:50px;background-color: #EEEEEE;background-color: rgba(238, 238, 238, 0.6);filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorStr=&#39;#99EEEEEE&#39;,EndColorStr=&#39;#99EEEEEE&#39;);text-align:center;padding:5px;position:fixed;bottom:5px;right:5px;cursor:pointer;color:#444;text-decoration:none;border:1px solid #C9C9C9;}
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script type='text/javascript'>
    $(function() {
        $.fn.scrollToTop = function() {
            if ($(window).scrollTop() != &quot;0&quot;) {
            var scrollDiv = $(this);
            $(window).scroll(function() {
                if ($(window).scrollTop() == &quot;0&quot;) {
                } else {
            $(this).click(function() {
                $(&quot;html, body&quot;).animate({
                    scrollTop: 0
                }, &quot;slow&quot;)
    $(function() {
<a href='#' id='w2b-StoTop' style='display:none;'>Scroll to <br>Top</br></a>

Save your changes and enjoy your new scroll to top button!

You can always customize how it looks by editing the style section of the code you just copied and pasted. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

School officially starts today. It is going to be one busy year! This semester I'm taking H. Modern World Studies, German III, Drawing and Design I, Trig and Pre-Calc, PSSA Math Prep, and Career Path 3. Plus I'm doing a photography course and a Bible study on my own. =D
Have you started school yet?

Love in Christ,

17 August 2011

Hello :)

Yes, it is actually me, Emily Grace, back from the wondrous world of summer camp. It was an amazing summer.
Exhausting, yes.
Rewarding, yes.
Challenging, yes.
A learning experience, yes.

I made so many memories, new friends, and learned so much.


If you had asked me during the middle of the summer what I was learning it would have been something about what I was learning through chapel, barn devotions, or my own devotions that spoke to me that day. Early on in the summer it would have been something like this, "Because of His grace, God will give me the strength to get through each day. And He will give me joy to share His love with others. Because my life is not my own, it is His." That is so true.

But now I see the summer through a different perspective. It really hit me during on of the last weeks of camp during barn devotions was that God was teaching me perspective. We see life through our little human perspective but God sees all that goes on and He is in control. While I may not understand what is happening or why I have to go through this situation, God has it all in control and He has a plan and a purpose for it. I can either choose to have a good attitude about it or a bad one. For example, I can have a bad attitude about having to help out with the counselor hunt because I'm missing my 'shower time' and completely miss the opportunity God gave me to talk to a kid who was hurting. Or I can take advantage of that opportunity even though it means getting up a half hour earlier in the morning to shower. Am I rambling? I don't even know if I understand all that God has taught me this summer. 

DSCN0077I'm a detail oriented person so it is hard for me to see the 'big picture' but I think that this is it--perspective, joy, and it is only by God's grace that I can do anything. That is what I learned most during my nine weeks at camp.

What has God been teaching you lately? I'd love to hear!

(photos from my favorite spot to do my devotions at camp--yes photos from camp, my mom surprised me with my own point and shoot camera!)

I'm off to finish organizing my desk for the upcoming school year. We're moving around our desks and things so that my sister and I will have a quiet room separate from the three younger(& noise loving) ones. Plus, I was able to go shopping for school supplies today! =D 

Love in Christ,

03 August 2011

Life -a guest post

Hello there, followers of Emily Grace. ;) I am, obviously, not Emily… My name’s Katie and I’m from HEllo highLIGHTS. I am very honored to guest post here today.
When Emily Grace e-mailed me, I was excited! But…I honestly had no idea what to write about. So, I consulted my sister about it. She said, “Katie, just write about you.”
Hmm…about me…

Then I remembered Emily’s blog name. “A life worthy of the Lord”
That got me thinking…
What about my life? Is it worthy of the Lord?

According to Isaiah 64:6, my very best is the same as filthy rags. There’s no difference.
If that is so, then how in the world could I be worthy?

The answer is found in Jesus. When I was 11, Jesus became my Savior. Jesus told me He’d stand in the gap for me, because I could never be worthy by myself. In and through Jesus, though, I am worthy to receive eternal life in heaven.
How great is that?!

So…that’s my life. A life worthy of the Lord.
What about yours?