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03 August 2011

Life -a guest post

Hello there, followers of Emily Grace. ;) I am, obviously, not Emily… My name’s Katie and I’m from HEllo highLIGHTS. I am very honored to guest post here today.
When Emily Grace e-mailed me, I was excited! But…I honestly had no idea what to write about. So, I consulted my sister about it. She said, “Katie, just write about you.”
Hmm…about me…

Then I remembered Emily’s blog name. “A life worthy of the Lord”
That got me thinking…
What about my life? Is it worthy of the Lord?

According to Isaiah 64:6, my very best is the same as filthy rags. There’s no difference.
If that is so, then how in the world could I be worthy?

The answer is found in Jesus. When I was 11, Jesus became my Savior. Jesus told me He’d stand in the gap for me, because I could never be worthy by myself. In and through Jesus, though, I am worthy to receive eternal life in heaven.
How great is that?!

So…that’s my life. A life worthy of the Lord.
What about yours?



Crista Moriah

Lovely post, Katie!
I really enjoyed reading your thoughts...and the photos you chose to go with them are simply gorgeous! :)

Have a wonderful week...


beautiful.. Jesus defines beauty.. security in Him. thank you for this.

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