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30 November 2010

Blog Party

1. If you had to choose between living on a desert island or tropical rainforest for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Tropical rainforest, because unless I had a never ending supply of sunscreen and water I would literally be burnt to a crisp on a desert island! Could I request a tropical rainforest on an island? =)

2. What is your favorite music CD right now?
Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music--any of their CD's--although Christmas Extaordinaire and Fresh Air Christmas would have to be at the top

3. If you were given the choice between wildflowers or roses - which would you pick?
Depends...I like wildflowers for their variety in color and types, but roses smell the best

4. How much do you like notebooks? Is it mild, or are you absolutely obsessed with them?
More on the obsession side--I love new, clean notebooks but seldom know what to fill them with

5. What is your biggest goal this winter? I'm more of a detailistic person so I don't usually have 'large goals'....ummm....oh, I get my driving permit in two weeks so to become a safe and confident driver. =P haha! like that will happen over the winter...ah, well, that is the best I can think of right now other than becoming better at whatever I do...

6. If you could change your hair however you wanted, what would you do?
Curl it. =) Loose ringlets/waves would be the best but I'll settle with just the ends curling nicely.

7. Do you think Harry Potter is bad?
As I've never read the books or seen the movies I really don't have anything to stand on other than what I've heard(and I've heard both sides).  I'd have to conclude that obsession with it is bad, but reading it for just a good read and not believing in it or becoming obsessed with it is okay.

8. Why do you think pink is a girls' color?
I honestly have no idea...

9. Would you be up to singing a solo in front of a thousand people?
Um NOOO---have you heard me sing?!

10. What colors look best on you?
Honestly, I don't really know, but I do like wearing green, blue, purple, etc

11. If you had a different name, what would it be?
I've always loved the name Elsie =) or Hazel
On the topic of names, why do nicknames almost always come from the first sound(s) of the name instead of the last?

12. Do you like...
boots or sneakers? if they are comfortable and when I need warm shoes, sneakers for sports (comfortable is the way I go--if you couldn't tell already!)

flats or heels?
I can't stand really high heels nor flats with no arch/support so I can't say one or the other because it depends on the shoe

books or movies?
Books all the way!!!

purple or pink?
um, I'd have to say purple, but it would have to be a deep grape purple

long hair or short hair?
long =)

a best friend or a group of friends?

ice cream or cake?
Again, it depends. Usually I prefer ice cream in the summer and cake in the winter.  Although, homemade ice cream goes at all times and so do certain kinds of cake such as German sweet chocolate, coca-cola cake, my birthday cake(chocolate cake with pecans, caramel, whipped cream, and chocolate curls!), chocolate cherry cake, etc

plaid or polka dots?
Polka dots! (only I have to be careful around my dad--and now brothers because he got the idea into their head--because he calls them poke-a-dots and proceeds to poke them)

Head on over to Amanda's blog, Lizzy's blog, or Stella's blog to join in the fun! (there are a bunch of prizes too!)

Love in Christ,

P.S. Just as a heads up, I'm not sure if I'll have time to finish up this week's Tuesday's Tip, so I might just have to skip this week. 

29 November 2010

the Monday Morning Daybook --29NOV10

Date: Monday, November 29, 2010
Starting time: 8:10
Outside my window...the morning sunshine is shining in the window as it streams through the trees! =D
I’m creating...a Christmas present---but it is a secret so I can't tell what it is or who it is for. =P
I’m feeling...joyfully happy and at peace
I’m hoping for...snow, snow, snow!
I’m learning...that faith is not based on circumstances 
I’m listening to...Christmas music!!!
I’m looking forward birthday--I get my permit!
I’m praying for...self modivation..
I’m reading...The Second Violin
I’m thinking...about what all has to be done today...
I’m wearing...jeans, t-shirt, socks and a hoodie. =)
I’m wondering...if you all would like to make this a link up and join in the fun? let me know for I would love to read your answers! =D
Ending time: 8:21

Love in Christ,

22 November 2010

the Monday Morning Daybook --22NOV10

Date: Monday, November 22, 2010
Starting time: 7:14
Outside my is cloudy, rainy, and chilly. 
I’m creating...a geometry project for school.
I’m feeling...tired.
I’m hoping for...more time in one day!
I’m learning...reflexive verbs in German!
I’m listening sister playing Christmas music on her violin.
I’m looking forward to...getting my pointe shoes!
I’m praying for...self-motivation with my devotion time.
I’m reading...Huckleberry Finn--for English.
I’m thinking...about what all I have to do today.
I’m wearing...jeans, long-sleeved purple shirt, socks, and a hoodie. 
I’m wondering...when it will snow!
Ending time: 7:17

In Christ,

16 November 2010

Tuesday's Tips -Adding Snow to Blog

Today's tip is about how to add falling snow to your blog!


1. The Code for Snow
<script type="text/javascript" src="" />
<!-- now, we'll customize the snowStorm object -->
<script type="text/javascript">
snowStorm.snowColor = '#99ccff'; // blue-ish snow!?
snowStorm.flakesMaxActive = 500; // show more snow on screen at once
snowStorm.useTwinkleEffect = true; // let the snow flicker in and out of view
snowStorm.flakeWidth = 8; //max pixel width for snow element
snowStorm.flakeHeight = 8; //max pixel height for snow element
And now for explanation of what all that means...

--this starts a script

--this is a text and JavaScript script

--the source of the script

snowStorm.snowColor = '#99ccff'; // blue-ish snow!?
--this determines the color of the snow (you can change the #99ccff to any other HTML color) (here is an online HTML color picker)

snowStorm.flakesMaxActive = 500; // show more snow on screen at once
--this determines the amount of snow on your page at a time, you can change the number to whatever you want

snowStorm.useTwinkleEffect = true; // let the snow flicker in and out of view
--this allows the snow to flicker in and out of view, if you would like to change it replace "true" with "false"

snowStorm.flakeWidth = 8; //max pixel width for snow element
snowStorm.flakeHeight = 8; //max pixel height for snow element
--this controls the size of the snow in pixels. You can change the number to whatever you would like.

--ends the script

2. Using the Code 
When the code is how you want it, paste it into a HTML/JavaScript gadget
*NOTE: wherever you place the gadget will determine where the snow starts to fall, I suggest putting it above your header

If you have any questions just drop me a little note below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. =)

Next week how to add your own blog background!
As always, I'm open to your suggestions for a subject to cover for Tuesday's Tips.
God bless and have a great day!

Sister in Christ,

09 November 2010

Tuesday's Tips --Blog Button & Grab Box

Announcing Tuesday's Tips--Helpful Blogging Tips by Emily Grace!
In response to all your questions about how I designed my blog I will answer them with my blogging tips(tutorials). =)

Today's tip is about blog buttons and how to make a scrolling grab box.

Difficulty--Moderately Easy

creating the button

Create your blog button in whatever image editing software that you use.  (I personally use GIMP because it is free and works well for what I need)
I would include your blog title, possibly your blogging name, your tagline(sub-title of your blog), and your blog url(just in case they can't click on the button).  I would also make the design represent your blog's feel and design. Make it represent you!

uploading the button

Upload your image using whatever image hosting site that you use. (I would suggest imgur because it is free, doesn't downsize images, has privacy settings, is easy to navigate, and loads quickly)

creating the code

<a href="BLOG URL" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="ALTERNATE TEXT" src="IMAGE URL"></a>
Alright you have the code, so now we'll dissect it so that you understand what each part does.

href="BLOG URL"
--this is where your blog url will go and this is what makes whoever clicks on your button go to your blog (make sure that you don't delete the quotation marks around the url!!!) *Also make sure that your link starts with 'http://' otherwise you'll get an error when clicking on the button*

--this is what makes your blog open in a new window

img border="0"
--this creates a border around your button if you don't want a border leave it as zero

--replace ALTERNATE TEXT with whatever you want to show up when people mouse over the button or if the image doesn't load

--this is where you'll put the url of your image and makes the image show up (don't delete the quotation marks around the url!!!)

Don't forget to replace the words in caps with your information.

creating the grab box

<textarea rows="5" cols="23" style="WIDTH: 215px; HEIGHT: 84px">


Alright you have the code, so now we'll dissect it so that you understand what each part does.

--this lets blogger know that this next part needs to be in a text area

--this controls how many rows of text the box will show (it won't delete anything because this is a scrolling box, it just determines how much will be seen without scrolling)

--this controls how many columns of text per row (again, it won't delete anything because this is a scrolling text box)

style="WIDTH: 215px; HEIGHT: 84px"
--this controls the size of your box, you can change the width and height by pixels

--this lets blogger know that this is the end of the text box

Here is an example:

5. Using the Codes
*NOTE: paste both the button code and the grab box code

Your blog button and grab box will now appear just as it does on my sidebar. =)

If you have any questions just drop me a little note below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. =)
I'd also love to hear what you think of Tuesday's Tips.
Next week how to add snow to your blog!
God bless and have an awesome day!

02 November 2010

Standing in the Gap

"I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none." 
-Ezekiel 22:30

--------------------------{do not read beyond this point until you have watched the above}----------------------
----------------------------------------------------{and I mean it Stanley*}--------------------------------------------------
This is an amazing video!  I really cannot add anything of importance after it. I came across it today at Lauren Nicole's blog A Smile and a Song.
A couple years ago an awesome prayer warrior in our Church taught this lesson to my group.  It is an awesome reminder of how we need to stand in the gap through prayer for others.  Just like Jesus Christ has interceded for us, we need to intercede for those who do not know Him as their personal savior.  (I'm not saying that we can take Jesus's place in their lives, just that we need to become more like Christ and follow His example in interceding for them.)
Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a Wycliffe Banquet at my Church.  The speakers shared about their experiences in Papua New Guinea as they assisted Bible translators there.  They also shared about their Vision 2025.  So if you are looking for something to pray for here is your opportunity! I would also suggest checking out their blog where they post daily with praises and prayer requests.
It is my challenge to you to pray for this project and stand in the gap for these people who do not have the Bible in their language. (do let me know if you decide to do this so that we can encourage and keep each other in prayer)

God Bless and have a fantastic day!

In Christ Alone,

*(to those of you who didn't get it go read ...And I mean it, Stanley by Crosby Bonsall after you're done reading this) =P