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29 November 2010

the Monday Morning Daybook --29NOV10

Date: Monday, November 29, 2010
Starting time: 8:10
Outside my window...the morning sunshine is shining in the window as it streams through the trees! =D
I’m creating...a Christmas present---but it is a secret so I can't tell what it is or who it is for. =P
I’m feeling...joyfully happy and at peace
I’m hoping for...snow, snow, snow!
I’m learning...that faith is not based on circumstances 
I’m listening to...Christmas music!!!
I’m looking forward birthday--I get my permit!
I’m praying for...self modivation..
I’m reading...The Second Violin
I’m thinking...about what all has to be done today...
I’m wearing...jeans, t-shirt, socks and a hoodie. =)
I’m wondering...if you all would like to make this a link up and join in the fun? let me know for I would love to read your answers! =D
Ending time: 8:21

Love in Christ,


May Amelia

Yes, you should totally do a link-up. =D


The Second Violin...the title sounds familiar. What is it about?


Yes, that would be fun!

I really like your blog! :D

Emily Grace

Link up starts next week, May! =)

The Second Violin is a really old book, Shaynie. It is by Grace S. Richmond and was published in 1906. I have my great-grandma's copy. =) It is about a large family who play in a family orchestra(just for themselves they don't really preform for others) and more specifically the youngest daughter who plays the second violin and how she grew up and matured. Does that sound familiar?

Thanks so much, Alexandra! The link up will start next week. =D

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