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29 November 2011

Tuesday's Tip - customizing the comment link

Ever wanted to make your comment link more visible to readers? Here's a simple how-to! =)

1) Search for

.comment-link {

2) Customize away!
Customize that section of code to whatever you'd like. For some ideas of how to customize it, use my HTML basics explanations: (Borders / Text / Backgrounds / Padding & Margins)

For an example, my link looks like this:
(hover over image for link reaction to mouse hover)

and my code looks like this:
.comment-link {
display: inline;
font-family:'Times New Roman', arial, sans-serif;
margin: 0px;
width: 150px;
.comment-link:hover {
display: inline;
font-family:'Times New Roman', arial, sans-serif;
margin: 0px;
width: 150px;

3) Save 
and enjoy! ;)

Have a question? Let me know in a comment, and I'll get back asap. =)

24 November 2011

a thankful thursday

Smile, its that time of year again. When everyone slows down, amongst all the hustle and bustle, long enough to say a short thank you.
Thank you Lord for...
(my one thousand gifts: #130-156)

A new day to live. Brothers and their silly faces. the ability to Capture life around me. Daddy coming home two days earlier this week. Encouraging notes from friends. my Family--crazy and loving, yes. =)


 Grace, unending grace.  the Hope that living in CHRIST gives. having wireless Internet, that took so long to work. Jokes shared among siblings. Kind words spoken between siblings. glorious Light to capture with my lens.


looking forward to Monday with no school. looking back through Notebooks full of memories. the Orange glow of the sun sinking below the mountain. delicious Pumpkin pie brightened by the sunlight.


  Quilts to snuggle under and escape the cold. Remembering good times long past, a somewhat bittersweet feeling.  a silly Sister that makes me laugh.
completely unedited, this is exactly how the camera took it--gives a whole new meaning to 'red eye'--haha! =D
first Thessalonians 5:16-18--so challenging. the Unfathomable love of my savior.  the smell of Vanilla caramel candles.  the emotion captured in black & White photos.


eXcitement about friends coming to visit. Yearly traditions that bring back many memories--we go to get our  christmas tree tomorrow! seeing Zeal for the Lord in friends--so encouraging.

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

<<  linking up with rachel

what are you thankful for this thursday?

Love in Christ,

22 November 2011

Tuesday's Tips -Rotating Header

I first learned how to do this by Beauty Design Studios tutorial [here].
Thank you Hannah, for allowing me to post it here!

For an example of what this looks like, go to my photography blog [here].

1} Create your series of images--up to ten. You want them to all be the same size.
For example these are a few mine for my photography blog:

2} Upload your images to an image host. I suggest imgur. =)

3} Paste your image links into the form at this site [here]. NOTE: this site is full of pop-ups and ads. be careful.

4} Paste the code you are given at that site into a HTML/Javascript widget on your blog. Ta-da! Enjoy your new and amazing header. =)
(you could also use this tutorial for something other than your header if you want--let your imagination soar!)

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. ;)

In Christ,

14 November 2011

14NOV2011 a miscellany monday

I had my first 'collision' with another vehicle yesterday--what an experience! Driving my dad's huge, stick shift, ginormous, diesel, monstrous, black pickup truck home from Church. Scary. This was my second time driving it. Right after I turned onto the road heading home a little vehicle turned afterwards and proceeded to drive right on my tail. Lets just say he was not happy that I was going the speed limit. I was busy concentrating on shifting gears while staying on my side of the road going around tight mountainous turns. I approach an intersection at the top of the hill. Downshift then brake. I'm still not quite sure what I did, but the truck rolled backwards a few feet. Remember how the guy was on my tail? Yeah, I tapped his bumper. A honking horn, words in anger, and a shaking fist was the response I got from the irate driver. Nearly every other word he said to my dad and me was unwholesome. Yay. My dad got out of the truck and went to examine the damage. He said that you could barely tell that there had been a collision. The other man said that his $500 bumper was ruined. Pictures were taken and words were exchanged. After probably fifteen minutes we left. Supposedly he is going to file a court claim. Driving a manual transmission diesel truck is not my idea of fun, but it could have been worse--much worse. =P Who knows? Maybe my driving the speed limit (and keeping him at it too) saved him a turn too quickly taken and a totaled car as opposed to a mark on his bumper? I'm just glad that it is over and grateful to my Daddy who handled the situation so well. =)

I'm finished with my history project on propaganda in the U.S. during WWI. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I'll see if my teacher is as happy as I am...sometime...whenever he gets around to grading it...

Please be praying for my grandma--she was in the hospital this past week for her heart. It had an irregular beat and was too fast. They have her on new medication now.
I wrote my heart out in a guest post over at Living on Literary Lane today [here].  Head on over to read! (while you're there leave Elizabeth a sweet little note to read when she comes back from her blogging break)

How was your Monday?

In Christ,

10 November 2011

On days like today...

It is on rainy days like today that I...

.wish for the sunny days of summer

.come to the conclusion that math=evil (thanks trig & pre calc!)

.sit next to the roaring woodstove sipping hot chocolate

.write a guest post (head on over to Bree's blog, He Designs My Life, to read my guest post [here], while you're there leave her a sweet little note too)

.whisper to myself what I have to get done this afternoon as I walk down the hallway, only to get a weird look from my little sister =)

What do you do on days like today?

Love in Christ,

02 November 2011

Today is...

A beautiful sunny day. The sky is brilliantly blue. The grass is still green underneath a layer of frost. The few leaves left on the trees are illuminated to vibrant colors. Today is a beautiful day.
Today is special because of another reason too...
Today is my one year blogoversary! One year ago today, I published my first post on this blog. Yippie! =) 
(if you don't mind, head over to the sidebar and vote on the poll--I'm just curious to know)

This verse stuck out to me in my devotions this morning and I thought I'd share:

In Christ,

01 November 2011

Tuesday's Tips -Customizing Link Appearance

(requested by Rebecca)

how to find the code
1) Go to your dashboard > template > edit HTML
2) Search for the code similar to this:

a:link {
a:visited {
a:hover {

3) edit however you'd like and save your template!

how to edit the code
a:link controls what a link looks like when you first load the page and/or don't do anything to it
a:visited controls what a link looks like after you've visited it
a:hover controls what a link looks like when you hover your mouse over it

For ideas on how to customize links, go to my post [here]

Have a question? Ask away!

In Christ,