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24 November 2011

a thankful thursday

Smile, its that time of year again. When everyone slows down, amongst all the hustle and bustle, long enough to say a short thank you.
Thank you Lord for...
(my one thousand gifts: #130-156)

A new day to live. Brothers and their silly faces. the ability to Capture life around me. Daddy coming home two days earlier this week. Encouraging notes from friends. my Family--crazy and loving, yes. =)


 Grace, unending grace.  the Hope that living in CHRIST gives. having wireless Internet, that took so long to work. Jokes shared among siblings. Kind words spoken between siblings. glorious Light to capture with my lens.


looking forward to Monday with no school. looking back through Notebooks full of memories. the Orange glow of the sun sinking below the mountain. delicious Pumpkin pie brightened by the sunlight.


  Quilts to snuggle under and escape the cold. Remembering good times long past, a somewhat bittersweet feeling.  a silly Sister that makes me laugh.
completely unedited, this is exactly how the camera took it--gives a whole new meaning to 'red eye'--haha! =D
first Thessalonians 5:16-18--so challenging. the Unfathomable love of my savior.  the smell of Vanilla caramel candles.  the emotion captured in black & White photos.


eXcitement about friends coming to visit. Yearly traditions that bring back many memories--we go to get our  christmas tree tomorrow! seeing Zeal for the Lord in friends--so encouraging.

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

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what are you thankful for this thursday?

Love in Christ,



Quilts are on of my FAVORITE things!! Grace is one of my most cherished and needed gifts! Happy Thanksgiving!


yes yes and yes to your whole list. your photos are simply stunning. :)


Happy Thanksgiving, Emily!*
It seems like you really enjoyed your day, and the photos are really lovely XD.
Lots of love,
* did you know that in Australia we do not have Thanksgiving? It is a pity, isn't it! But, we can still be thankful all the same!!

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