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10 November 2011

On days like today...

It is on rainy days like today that I...

.wish for the sunny days of summer

.come to the conclusion that math=evil (thanks trig & pre calc!)

.sit next to the roaring woodstove sipping hot chocolate

.write a guest post (head on over to Bree's blog, He Designs My Life, to read my guest post [here], while you're there leave her a sweet little note too)

.whisper to myself what I have to get done this afternoon as I walk down the hallway, only to get a weird look from my little sister =)

What do you do on days like today?

Love in Christ,



Ohh, I come to the conclusion that math is evil just about every day of my life. ;p I'm doing pre-calc too...ughh.
But a wood stove and hot chocolate sounds heavenly! On days like that, I love to pull out my favorite sweater and make a big cup of tea.


Poor dear! I know how you feel with your Maths, though I'm not doing pre-calc yet; thankfully the Lord provided me with a maths tutor via phone so that's been really good and helped me overcome a lot of my dread of maths :). Still it isn't my favourite subject...

Well, living in Australia right now here we've got sunny blue skies, and really HOT weather :). I love, on such rainy days, to snuggle in a warm jumper, and sip a cup of hot, pipping carob drink...

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