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01 November 2011

Tuesday's Tips -Customizing Link Appearance

(requested by Rebecca)

how to find the code
1) Go to your dashboard > template > edit HTML
2) Search for the code similar to this:

a:link {
a:visited {
a:hover {

3) edit however you'd like and save your template!

how to edit the code
a:link controls what a link looks like when you first load the page and/or don't do anything to it
a:visited controls what a link looks like after you've visited it
a:hover controls what a link looks like when you hover your mouse over it

For ideas on how to customize links, go to my post [here]

Have a question? Ask away!

In Christ,



Thanks for posting this! It was a GIANT help to me, and now my links are pretty:)

In Christ,

Spicemuffin and Company

How did you do your background? :)

Spicemuffin and Company

Sorry! I forgot one more thing. What does a direct image url look like? I think I just started learning HTML yesterday. ^-^ Where did you learn all this cool stuff? :D

Emily Grace

Rebecca - You're so very welcome!

Spicemuffin & Company - The background of what exactly? A direct image url is the url that will take you directly to the image, not to the site where the image is hosted. Also the url will end in the type of file the image is like .jpg or .png. An example of a direct image url would be this: An example of an indirect image url would be this: Does that help?

Spicemuffin and Company

Thank you so much! I was talking about your blog background, you know, the grey wood. :)

Emily Grace

Spicemuffin & Company - You're welcome! Actually, Hannah of Beauty Design Studio designed my current blog design including the background. However, you can create your own blog background, then add it to your blog using this tip under the body section in your code.

Spicemuffin and Company

Cool! Thank you, you're so awesome. :)

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