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02 November 2011

Today is...

A beautiful sunny day. The sky is brilliantly blue. The grass is still green underneath a layer of frost. The few leaves left on the trees are illuminated to vibrant colors. Today is a beautiful day.
Today is special because of another reason too...
Today is my one year blogoversary! One year ago today, I published my first post on this blog. Yippie! =) 
(if you don't mind, head over to the sidebar and vote on the poll--I'm just curious to know)

This verse stuck out to me in my devotions this morning and I thought I'd share:

In Christ,



Happy anniversary, Emily! How exciting!

To many more years of blogging...

Spicemuffin and Company

Happy Blogoversary Emily!!


Congratulations, Emily!
And I voted! :)


Happy blogoversary!! Congratulations! :) And I voted as well.



Happy Blogoversary Emily! I just followed your blog, though I've been checking it out for a while. It was lovely to find you on the blogsphere...
Many Blessings,

Emily Grace

Thank you, all! =)

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