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22 November 2011

Tuesday's Tips -Rotating Header

I first learned how to do this by Beauty Design Studios tutorial [here].
Thank you Hannah, for allowing me to post it here!

For an example of what this looks like, go to my photography blog [here].

1} Create your series of images--up to ten. You want them to all be the same size.
For example these are a few mine for my photography blog:

2} Upload your images to an image host. I suggest imgur. =)

3} Paste your image links into the form at this site [here]. NOTE: this site is full of pop-ups and ads. be careful.

4} Paste the code you are given at that site into a HTML/Javascript widget on your blog. Ta-da! Enjoy your new and amazing header. =)
(you could also use this tutorial for something other than your header if you want--let your imagination soar!)

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. ;)

In Christ,



Dear Emily,
Thank you for this tutorial... maybe sometime I might try it out!

I just had a question to ask... I've been for a while thinking of redesigning my blog, and I found Hannah's Beauty Design Studio which looked really good. On the blog, it also seemed that she did your blog design, right? (It is very pretty btw!). I was just wondering how was your experience with her doing it for you? I mean for instance, how much is the design your idea or Hannah's? I hope you don't mind this question, but I was browsing a lot and so... yes, I'd really appreciate to hear what you think!

Many blessings,

Emily Grace

Joy - You're so welcome! =)
I highly recommend Hannah. She is a phenomenal designer. She did create my current design. :) She was wonderful to work with and I am very pleased with how my design turned out. I didn't have everything really specific in mind when she designed my blog, but the things I did want she did wonderfully. (like my name in a certain font, the button the same shape as the header, color scheme, etc) I don't mind answering your question. :) Hope this helps you in your decision!


Thanks so much, Emily! You've helped me a lot :). I'd love if you could visit my blog one day; right now it is private... so would you like me to send you an invitation? I hope to make it public soon though, probably in the Christmas Holidays when I get a new blog design!
God bless,

Emily Grace

You're welcome, Joy! I would love to visit your blog--go ahead and send me an invite. =)


Thanks, Emily, I sent you an invitation =)


You are so sweet to help people with this.

Sorry to bug you, but I'm experimenting on a test blog, and I can't seem to get the "add a gadget" to move to the header spot. I'm using the "simple" template in blogger. Any suggestions? I can get it to go to the bottom, but not the top.

Also, what do I put in the "alt text" box on the javascript banner rotator generator?

Emily Grace

Sonja - I would suggest going to your html code and searching for showaddelement and making sure that it is followed by ='yes' not ='no'. I'm really not quite sure why that isn't working for you. Another suggestion would be to reload the page.

For the 'alt text' box you don't have to put anything. It stands for alternate text, and is what will show up if your image cannot load on someone's browser. Also, in some browsers it shows up if you hover your mouse over the image.

Hope this helps! =)

Photographer Ruby J. Plank

I Emailed you about this.

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