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31 October 2011

The Five Scariest Things You Can Do This Halloween

(otherwise entitled: my opinion on halloween)

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I agree entirely with [this article] at vision forum. I challenge you to go read it. What are your thoughts on the matter? Agree or disagree, and why?

The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.
-Proverbs 8:13

Personally, my family doesn't celebrate the holiday. Usually, we host 'Biography Dress Up Night' with friends. Everyone dresses up like a historical character and gives a short 'speech' on the life of their character. Afterwards everyone else has to guess who they are. =)

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I NEVER have, and NEVER will celebrate Halloween. Some costumes I find to be pretty, but then there are really ugly, gross ones that, quite frankly, I hate.



I LOVE the article, and I totally agree with it!!

Thanks for posting this!

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I never trick-or-treated as a little kid. But the past couple of years my family has gone with my little cousins (4 and 5 years old), my aunt and uncle, and my grandparents. I think there is a wrong way to do Halloween and then a right way. I think we do it right. There are no scary costumes (like this year we had clowns, a cowgirl, Iron Man, Peter Pan...), no scary movies, etc. Just laughter, candy, and cute outfits. And also this year our church had trunk-or-treat and we went to that which was fun too. :)


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