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02 November 2010

Standing in the Gap

"I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none." 
-Ezekiel 22:30

--------------------------{do not read beyond this point until you have watched the above}----------------------
----------------------------------------------------{and I mean it Stanley*}--------------------------------------------------
This is an amazing video!  I really cannot add anything of importance after it. I came across it today at Lauren Nicole's blog A Smile and a Song.
A couple years ago an awesome prayer warrior in our Church taught this lesson to my group.  It is an awesome reminder of how we need to stand in the gap through prayer for others.  Just like Jesus Christ has interceded for us, we need to intercede for those who do not know Him as their personal savior.  (I'm not saying that we can take Jesus's place in their lives, just that we need to become more like Christ and follow His example in interceding for them.)
Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a Wycliffe Banquet at my Church.  The speakers shared about their experiences in Papua New Guinea as they assisted Bible translators there.  They also shared about their Vision 2025.  So if you are looking for something to pray for here is your opportunity! I would also suggest checking out their blog where they post daily with praises and prayer requests.
It is my challenge to you to pray for this project and stand in the gap for these people who do not have the Bible in their language. (do let me know if you decide to do this so that we can encourage and keep each other in prayer)

God Bless and have a fantastic day!

In Christ Alone,

*(to those of you who didn't get it go read ...And I mean it, Stanley by Crosby Bonsall after you're done reading this) =P


May Amelia

Wow this is so great! *claps!*
And, I totally thought someone named Stanley read your blog and you were telling them not to peek. But THEN I googled "And I mean it, Stanley" (lol) and it all makes sense now. =D

Emily Grace

Thanks, May!
That's so funny! =D Nope, nobody reading my blog named least not that I know of.
That was just the next phrase that I thought of after I wrote not to read any further down without watching the video first. =P
Glad you enjoyed the post and it made you laugh!

Sister in Christ,


I'm glad you started a "normal" blog. ;) I hope to see more posts here!


I love that sermon! It is so powerful and so full of truth :) I will be praying for those who don't have access to a Bible or don't have a Bible translated into their language!

In Christ,

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