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23 September 2014

Life Today

It has been one month and a week. Sometimes it feels like that year was simply a dream and it never happened at all. Other days this feels like a dream and I'll simply wake up and head to barn chores.

But I didn't wake up this morning on God's campus to a day of learning in His classroom with people who are undoubtedly His. No mountain air woke me coming through the open window. Instead, I woke to the sound of my roommate getting ready for her first class and the train whistle piercing through the thin white walls. I woke up on a campus that is 'owned by the students' and all those around me are more confused and lost than I was last year. I opened my laptop to begin the day's academic work. Here I came face to face with the Truth that was plastered across my lock screen before I could even start my day's tasks.
He is here with me always, even on this campus claiming Him as God as it shoves Him in small boxes. He is here with me and is still teaching me. He is not limited to that mountain top in Pennsylvania and I need to remember this. I cannot limit God anymore than the people around me here try to. I'm so glad my God is not bound by human perspectives anymore than He is bound by space--He is limitless because He is God.

Knowing this changes everything. It changes me--my view of God and my perspective of life here on campus. But shouldn't the very knowledge of God change the way I live? And so it does.
Today I choose to live in light of who God is in me. 
        I live in a world that is filled with darkness because the light of Christ lives within me. 2 Corinthians 4:6
        I love those around me because the God of love lives in me. 1 John 4:8, 16
        I share truth by the way I live differently from the rest of the world because the Truth of God lives in me. John 14:6 Ephesians 4:15

And yes, there is unspeakable joy in surrendered obedience. Thank you Lord!


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