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12 December 2011

a miscellany monday

I just successfully removed the glass sliver that has been in my finger since I put up our Christmas lights--the day after Thanksgiving!

The name of God for our advent calendar today is Jehovah Rohi -- the Lord is my shepherd. (Psalm 23)

My history/math extra credit problem for the week:
      A US military cook is preparing beans for troops in Vietnam (I know I’m stretching it but I’m running out of math problems, so just go with it).  A pot contains 75 white beans and 150 black ones. Next to the pot is a large pile of black beans.
      The somewhat demented cook removes the beans from the pot, one at a time, according to the following strange rule: He removes two beans from the pot at random. If at least one of the beans is black, he places it on the bean-pile and drops the other bean, no matter what color, back in the pot. If both beans are white, on the other hand, he discards both of them and removes one black bean from the pile and drops it in the pot.
      At each turn of this procedure, the pot has one less bean in it. Eventually, just one bean is left in the pot. What color is it? (since you could get this right by a 50/50 guess, 1 pt for right answer, 2 points if you can explain it)

Oh the hilariousness of it all. =P

I've been walking in a winter wonderland since Thursday morning (including the below freezing temperatures--daddy will you please fix my window so that my fingers no longer freeze during school?!)


Toothpaste works wonders on jewelry. My purity ring is now just as shiny and sparkling as my new matching necklace. =) It had gotten rather dingy after a year of constant wear...especially a summer spent working in a barn...but the toothpaste trick cleaned it up like new! I need to take photos of it with my necklace sometime...

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Happy Monday, friends!

In Christ,


Karissa Noelle

I think the answer is white, because there was an odd amount to start with. That is just a goess, and may not be right. I know in my mind how it would be, but I'm not good at putting things into words, so I'm not going to try to explain, but that is my guess. :) Haha. :)

Love the pictures of the snow... We haven't had any snow yet, besides 8 inches in the end of October. :P I'm looking forward to getting some, hopefully soon! :)

Love In Christ,
Romans 12:1-2


I'm so jealous of the snow you have! In my opinion, if it's going to be cold, it might as well snow. But alas, we have none yet.

Ooh I went and looked at the pictures of your ring--so pretty! I recently cleaned my purity ring, too. It works wonders. (:

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