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13 December 2011

Tuesday's Tip - For starters... (a guide to help you start designing)

I've had a couple questions recently about suggestions for starting designers. So I came up with a short list of what one would need to start designing their own blog. =)

a test blog

This is vital. Create a test blog that only you have access to. Try out your creative ideas without wrecking your current design. Blogger doesn't have a limit on how many blogs you can make so use it.

an image manipulation program

This is important. Create beautiful images with programs such as photoshop or gimp. (plus, gimp is free!)

a file host

Extremely important. Upload images and script files for your designs. I suggest imgur for photos and bravehost for files. They both offer free services.


Fonts are one way to make your text unique and stand out. I suggest free font sites such as dafontfontsykevin&amanda, or you can always google for a specific font. A suggestion: keep the main font something simple and easy to read. ;)

digital scrapbook kits

Now these aren't absolutely necessary, but do help in creating an attractive design. Some sites I recommend for free kits:
.summertime designs
.shabby princess
.computer scrapbooking

(go here to enter in a giveaway for a digital scrapbooking kit! open from now until the 26th of December)

multiple browsers/computers

Websites look different depending on the browser and computer one uses. Check your design in several different major browsers to make sure there are no problems! I use:
.internet explorer


You can have all the resources at hand but without creativity, your designs will never be beautiful. So let your imaginations soar!

Any questions or suggestions? --let me know!



I'll have to try these. By the New Year, my blog might look a bit different ;)

(p.s. check out my blog @


Please explain the purpose of a host.

Emily Grace

A host simply is another place to store information for your blog. (ie. the images for your background and header you can upload to imgur and they will 'host' them or store them for you to use anywhere else on the web you'd like. The same goes for script files--such as for changing the font of your post titles or adding an accordion menu.)

Gloria {Lia}

Can you do a tutorial on centering post titles with CSS? I'm not sure what happened, but my CSS won't work, though it did before.

Emily Grace

Gloria {lia} - Sure, I'll do one on post titles. =)

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