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01 December 2011

the Beauty in Design ...a challenge

Hannah of Beauty Design Studios and I have come up with a design challenge for her designers' community. Head over there for more information. =D (she is also the one who design my current blog design)

My entry for this week's challenge:

click to view the full image--my post area is not as wide as the specified size


(I used this stock photo for the images.) 
What do you think? Head on over there to view more entries. =)

In Christ,



Awesome banner! {i wish i could design, or i would enter, maybe one day:)

Grace Anna {blog and design}

Emily Grace,

That is beautiful!!!

Sadly, I'm a bit too busy to enter this week. :(

I had a quick question! Did you make the pretty letters out of a picture (like you did above) on Gimp? If so could you maybe do a tutorial if it isn't too hard/time consuming for you?

Emily Grace

Thanks to both of you! =)

Grace Anna - I did make it out of a photo using GIMP and I'd be glad to make a tutorial for you! :) Perhaps as a Tuesday's Tip for a week to come--Sound good?

Grace Anna {blog and design}

Thanks so much! That would be wonderful! I have been looking for a tutorial, but that I could find used Photoshop.


How funny! I thought of using the logo and background for my banner as well! :D But that's ok, I'll think of something else. ;)


AWESOME banner! wow, love it! great job! ;)
so much better than mine, wow! :)


Love it!! I especially love how the background shows through on the word "design." =D


Hi Emily Grace! Where do you get the fonts that you used on this header, if you don't mind my asking??


Emily Grace

Thanks everyone!

Eve - I don't mind if you use the logo and background image in yours, I'm sure you'll use them differently than I did. =D

Rebecca - 'beauty' is in Windsong, 'design' is in Georgia Bold, and everything else is in Century Gothic. =)

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