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25 January 2011

Tuesday's Tips -Friend Connect

What makes blogging interactive? Well, duh, followers who comment. How do those followers find your blog?  Lots of different ways other blogs, followers, blog buttons... Friend Connect  What?  Friend Connect.  You know, your profile that people see when you follow their blog.  Never heard of it before... Really? That is where I get most of my visitors on my blog.  Cool, will you show me how to set mine up?  You don't have to set it up, but I will show you how to customize it. 
Here we go...

Friend Connect
Difficulty: Easy

First off, go to one of the blogs that you follow.  Then find the followers gadget.  You should see something similar to this.  Click on 'Options' and then 'Site settings'.  (note: if you don't see your name, click 'follow' and then enter your password when prompted)
Part 1: Basic Information
This will bring up a new mini-window.  This is the part we're going to focus on today. Click on 'Edit basic information' to start.

Which in turn will bring up another mini-window where you can add/edit your name and about me section of your profile.  Click save when you're done.  

If you'd like to add a photo to your profile, click 'Add a photo' on the first mini-window. =P (don't you just love my terminology--so specific! tehe...)

This will bring up another 'mini-window.' =) You will then have the option to choose your photo from a url, Picasa, or to upload it.  I personally have only been able to get it to work using the uploader.

Once you have chosen your photo you will be taken to a new section that allows you to choose what part of your picture you want to show.

Drag it around until it is how you want it and then click 'Apply Changes.'

Back to the first mini-window to add links to your profile.  

I would add your blog(s), possibly your blogger profile, and whatever else you'd like to show up on your friend connect profile.

If you decided you don't want a link up anymore, click on 'Remove links.'

Just click 'Remove' next to whatever link you would like to get rid of.

Part 2: Messaging (a very special thank you to May Amelia who helped me figure this one out =D )
On the left you should see several tabs.  Click on 'Messaging.' If you would like to allow other followers of the sites you follow be able to message you make sure the check is selected for 'Allow site members to send messages to your email address.' If this is selected other followers of the blog will be able to send you a message which will be sent to your email address.  They won't see your email address unless you reply to their message.  You can change the email that these messages are sent to.  You can also select the option to receive newsletter for the blog you're following.

I know this post may seem a little 'basic' but when I first started blogging I had on idea how to use Friend Connect. The whole point of Tuesday's Tips to give tips that I have learned that others may not know. =)

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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