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05 January 2011

Shades of Snow - New Blog Design!

What do ya think?
Me? Personally I love it--of course I'm not biased at all...ahem

I still have a few things that I want to add/tweak, but for the most part this design is finished.  My favorite part is the menu to the left --> try it...isn't it awesome?!! =D 
I'm also loving the name--Shades of Snow--doesn't it just sound mysterious?...kind of like the shade blue I used

the new buttons
EmilyGrace-a life worthy of the Lord

EmilyGrace-a life worthy of the Lord

An announcement...I will be taking a short break from blogging.  Eeep-I said it!
Finals are coming up for school and I'm feeling the pressure of getting everything done on time.  So I've promised myself that after I installed my new design and posted this that I would log out of blogger and not log back in until my finals are completed.  *sigh* So I won't be back for a few weeks--21st at the earliest. You're free to still drop by, but I'm afraid that the design is the only new stuff you'll see.  (and I'm sorry that I won't be able to complete your blog challenge each day, May...perhaps I'll post one big post when I come back?! hmm...that is an idea...)
You know what I am looking forward to? Skiing!!!--whoops I meant on the blogging world, but that just had to slip out...*ahem* I'm looking forward to seeing all your comments on my new design when I get back! =) hehe!

Well, you all have a marvelously wonderful day and God Bless! and I'm off to do English--The Taming of the Shrew--*sigh, wink*

Love in Christ,


May Amelia

OOOOOOO!!!!! SO gorgeous! Have fun ermm skiing. ;)


Nice! I love the colors (and the name, too! ;) )


I like it!


I absolutely love the new design, Emily! It's gorgeous! And I'm adding your new button. :)



I love your new blog design, Emily Grace! Also - thank you SO much for commenting on both of my blogs. Your wonderful comments made my day. It's so great to make a new blog acquaintance. I'll be following you from now on and can't wait to see what you post after your break!

Also, it's nice to meet another Narnia fan, and I'm glad you recognized that quote! :) I wasn't sure how many people would. :D



Hi Emily!! I'm so excited that I found your blog! I read that you were moving, on your old blog a while ago but I don't know why i didn't come to your new one! :P anyway, I love your design! Its so pretty :)
I'm looking forward to your return so we can "talk" :) but in the mean time I'll be reading your past posts and commenting ;)
hope you are having a great break!

with love,

Emily Grace

Thank you all! =D

May--I had lots of fun skiing! despite the bitter cold and wind...

Sky--You're so very welcome! I was really excited when I saw your blog name, actually. =D

Samarah--Thanks! I'm glad you found it too. =)

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