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03 January 2011

30 Day Challenge - Days 2 & 3

whoops! I forgot to post I'm doubling up today...

Day 2: Favorite Movie
Well, I'd have to go with a movie series that just had the third movie come out...
Yep, The Chronicles of Narnia!!!

I absolutely loved the first movie, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  It stuck very close to the storyline of the book and I could overlook small differences.  I really loved everything about this movie--especially the contrasting colors. =P

I have to say that I was very, disappointed in the second movie, Prince Caspian. I strongly disliked how it seemed like they took the characters from a story and ran with them, leaving the story to the wind. I hated how they took Aslan's character and made him unimportant and removed the strong character/position that he had in the book.  I could go on and on but I'll stop ranting now...on to the newest release!

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was a big improvement from Prince Caspian yet it lacked oh, I don't know the strong feeling from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  Caspian was much improved. ;) Eustace was perfectly obnoxious. =P  Repecheap was just as charming and entertaining as usual.  Lucy just as believing and relatable as before.  Aslan had his powerful position back.  
I actually liked the addition of the seven swards.  It added an accomplishment to the movie since they took away the 'sailing to the end of the world' goal.  
The green mist was okay. 
I disliked how they changed the islands and combined them, but I understand that it would make for a very long movie otherwise.  However, I think that part could have been done better. 
I loved the dufflepuds!! =D That part was one of the best parts in the whole movie. =D
The scene with the painting was absolutely amazing! 
                                                   ...alright, I'll stop rambling and get on to today's topic

Day 3: A Favorite Book
Oh, dear! I have way to many 'favorite' books...I could give you an almost neverending list...
I could go back to books I read over and over when I was younger...Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, The Summerhill Secrets, Elsie Dinsmore, Dixie Morris, Mandy, The Cooper Kids, Dear America, The Seven Sleepers etc...
or I could go more recent to The Hidden Hand, This Present Darkness & its sequel Piercing the Darkness, Ishmael & its sequel Self Raised, Anne of Green Gables, etc...

but I think I'll go with the book that my friend just suggested to me and I'm reading now...Tintenherz(Inkheart) by Cornelia Funke.

If you read my previous post, you know that I've only made it partway through this rather large book.  However, I've already noticed that this book has a very unique plot--which is something I really enjoy--and because I'm reading it in German it is a stretch for me. I normally(by normally I mean books in English) read books very quickly. Even though I'm whizzing through I still catch all the little details and that way I can read more/longer books.  Let's just say that reading in German is a very different story. To say the least.
Read a sentence in German.  Pick up all that I can recognize.  Read the same sentence in English then reread the sentence in German.  Pick up anything I missed. Writing down questions or words to look up later as I go along. Etc...
It is a very time consuming process.  But I'm enjoying it. =D The only thing I'm really having problems with is not reading to far ahead in the English version...haha!

Anyways, I'm not going to give you a summary as I haven't finished the book yet--but I'm sure you'll get one once I do. =)

To join this blog challenge check out May Amelia's blog!

Love in Christ,

P.S. I have this awesome poster of Aslan on my wall staring at me right now...
...aren't his eyes awesome?! =D


May Amelia

*sigh* My EXACT same sentiments as you about the 3rd Narnia movie! I was like, "What?! I thought they were supposed to go to more islands?! Am I missing something?" I will say though that the movie was almost better than the book because it was that good. And thank goodness Caspian got rid of his ridiculous accent. O.o And I loved Eustace. :D THe actor portrayed him perfectly.

Is the book Inkheart the same thing as the Inkheart movie that came out awhile ago? My friend read that series. An excellent way to learn German too. :D


I love the Narnia movies, too! My sister was so excited about going to see it on opening night that she went around the house saying, "I'm going to see Narnia! I'm going to see Narnia!" ;)

I like Inkheart, too! Wow, reading it in German sounds like a great undertaking. =)


I love all the Narnia movies but the LLW and VDT are my favorites :) I was SO pleased with the VDT. I just LOVED it. I agree, Eustace was perfect! and Caspian was improved ;) I loved the dufflepuds too! they were really funny :) What I really liked about them movie was that it was funny but it had its serious and "deep" moments too :) Can you tell I loved it?! ;P
oh and I really like that poster! I need one for my wall ;)

with love,

Emily Grace

May--I would think so (but I'm not sure as I didn't even know there was a movie about the book until you said so!). I must say that I still prefer the book over the movie...what can I say, I'm a book fan!

Hannah--Yeah, yet another Narnia and Inkheart fan! =)

Samarah-- hehe! The dufflepuds were one of the best parts of the movie. =D

Thank you all for your lovely little notes! =)

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