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22 January 2011

Just a short little note to say...

finals are over!!!

(you may not have any idea how exciting and how much of a relief that is to me--so stick with me and just try to imagine it, k?)


*singing and dancing around the room*

 and now for some more exciting news...

my photography blog is now open again!

many of you have already noticed that it was closed--I was installing a new design
It is now open and I *plan* on posting regularly again. =)  I have several fun posts already in the makings.

I also have a couple fun posts for here including the Monday Morning Daybook, Tuesday's Tips, and more! =D hehe!

well, I'd better be off to work now...

Have an awesomely fantastic day!

Sister in Christ,



Emily Grace!
I'm glad your finals went well! And I am happy you are back! :)


Emily Grace

Thanks so much, Katie! =D

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