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28 January 2011

Life Defined -Skiing

Joining up with Näna over at By the Way. =)

This is my experience every Friday, so I figured it was appropriate to do today. =D

Busy is
trying to get all my schoolwork done for the day in 3 hours and packing for the day.

Careful is
driving through snowy, slushy, and/or icy roads to get to the slopes.

Confusion is 
sorting out everybody's gear, tickets, and food.

Freedom is
flying down the slopes without a care in the world.

Silence is
the wind in the trees,
skies swishing through the powder,
snowflakes drifting down,
sunshine seeping through the branches,
and my foggy breath through my scarf.

Cold is are
my fingers, toes, and nose after a few hours in the wind.

Warm is
a hot chocolate break inside the lodge. =)

Refreshing is
walking back outside into the wind to hit the slopes once again!

Relief is 
taking ski boots off and walking 'normally' once again. =P

Contentment is
climbing wearily back into the car for the ride back home.

Tired is
watching my little brother fall asleep in the car and wishing I could do the same.

Love in Christ,



Cute blog! I love the verse you have in your banner (Colossians 1:10). That's a great one!

Emily Grace

Thanks, Leanna! =) I love that verse too...


Thanks for joining in, Emily!

Ah, skying. Such a classic winter sport...what is it about skying that's so classy and nostalgic?


Emily Grace

You're so very welcome Näna! =)

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