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03 January 2011

the Monday sort of-Morning Daybook --03JAN11

Date: Monday, January 3, 2011
Starting time: 6:43PM--so today's isn't so much of a morning daybook...whoops!
Outside my is gently snowing and yet the sun is out--making the snow looks like glitter!! =D
I’m creating...Thank you cards....I overestimated how many little squares I would need for the design so I have a ton of extras--any good craft ideas for 1" squares of coordinating patterns and solids? 
I’m feeling...extra annoyed with my procrastinating self, and slightly stressed about how much I have to do in so little time(which is why I'm blogging now--ha!)
I’m hoping get rid of the lingerings of whatever icky-sicky-ness I caught last year
I’m learning...not to be selfish--a hard lesson let me tell you!
I’m listening iTunes is on shuffle so random songs
I’m looking forward to...the second semester for school!!! ---my schedule will be so much better than this semester
I’m praying for... diligence and selflessness
I’m reading...Tintenherz by Cornelia Funke(in English it is Inkheart) let me tell you this book is huge(573 pages) and it is taking me forever just to read what little I have read(erm...3 chapters...*cough cough*) But it has an awesomely unique plot
I’m thinking...that I really need to quit procrastinating
I’m wearing...jeans, purple shirt layered over a white long sleeved shirt, socks, and slippers
I’m wondering...if I will actually get everything done on time...eep!
Ending time: 6:46

I know this is really late, but if you have time and still want to do it go ahead and grab a button and link up below! =D I'd really love to see your answers.

Love in Christ your procrastinating perfectionist,


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