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07 March 2011

Signs of Spring

I came across this quote by A.A. Milne the other day and loved it. =D

The daffodils are just now daring to poke their green stems through the frosted mud.
I'm very excited, for daffodils are one of the first signs of spring!

Well, that and the sap starts flowing.  (we make our own maple syrup each year =D) It is delicious stuff, let me tell you! =P  We've had our taps in about a week now.  This year we have around 70+ taps--according to my sister. =) The best part is sticking your finger as it is just coming out of the tree--cold and just slightly sweet and sticky.

Rain, mud, rain, flooding, and more rain are some of the other signs...=P

If you were to step outside my house right now...
Your feet would either sink in the never ending mud, slip on the hidden ice, or crunch over piles of forgotten snow.
The gentle breeze would lift your hair away from your face.
The drizzle would dampen you.
Sounds of the distant roaring creek would reach your ears.
The smell of spring would bring a smile to your face and a sparkle to your eyes.
You would see lines of light blue tubing criss-crossing through the gray woods as they make their way down to the large blue barrels collecting their contents.

What would happen if you stepped outside your house right now?

Spring, you're very welcome here!
for as the daffodils say
"Winter is dead!"

*edited note: I wrote this yesterday afternoon but decided today to make it a post--we just got 18" of yeah...oh hello winter, I thought *wished* you had gone...*sigh* to scoop our terribly long driveway...

Love in Christ,


May Amelia

Oh my that's awesome!! You can certainly be my fashion consultant when I become famous, ok? =D

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~Ana Renee


Ahhhh... gotta love the fact that spring is staying away... I'm watching it snow right now. Phooey. xD

Thanks for your comments! Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant chain that used organic ingredients to make their yummy, oh-so-delicious food. I think they're only in certain states though, so you can check out their website here:

I love your design, and that Polyvore set is amazing! *happy sigh* It's quite springish, and a welcome site next to the cold winter day outside!

If I stepped outside, my feet would crunch the snow beneath my shoes, and I'd probably freeze to death. :P



Pretty flower!...(And ring!=)


Love that polyvore set :) and the quote :) You're lucky, is freezing cold here where I live. I guess I somehow managed to brave the cold today though...can't wait for spring!


Ah, yes. Lovely little thoughts of spring.

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