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16 March 2011

Life Defined -Sap

Joining up with Näna over at By the Way.  Click her button to see other entries and join up yourself.

the feeling everyone has when it is 'sap' weather. =D (maple sap weather, just to clarify. we make our own maple syrup out of that sap each year.)

all the bright blue lines and barrels winding through all the gray trees.

the trees that continue to produce large amounts of sap year after year.

siphoning sap from one barrel to another.

the handle of the 'tasting spoon.' =D

the slight, unique, and sweet smell whenever one nears the sap-house.

the lights inside the sap-house--perfect for warming wet and numb fingers.

the finished product. =) It is oh so very sweet!

Have a wonderful day!

Love in Christ,



You make your own maple syrup? That's awesome! I've only know one another person who does that [or did when they were growing up]. When I was about six my grandfather took me to a maple syrup festival and I've been dieing to make it myself fun!

Thanks for joining in!


May Amelia

Ohhhh! I LOVE the tasting spoon! SO cute. :) I also am loving the "warm" photo too. :) Fantastic job!!

Emily Grace

Näna - yeppers! You're welcome to come over and share in the experience if you'd like--hehe! =P
and you're so very welcome. =)

May - Isn't it?! I thought that would be a great shot but it didn't turn out as well as I hoped because the lighting is weird. (of the tasting spoon) Thanks so much! I love the 'warm photo' too. =P

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