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13 March 2011

About my week...

I've had a very busy week. 
I could go on to explain why; dress rehearsal was this week, school was busy, we got 18" in of snow that we had to scoop out of the way, life was busy, work, etc --but I'm sure you don't want to hear all that.

I'm sure that reading about me finding all my costumes, fake eyelashes, 'stickies', wigs, and adjusting all the straps, skirts, bows, hats, etc for my costumes would be very boring.  Would you like to know that I got a new suitcase for competitions that is absolutely positively awesome?! It is like a closet on wheels! =D No? oh all right...

In the same way reading about what I'm learning in Algebra II, German II, World History, Digital Photography & Graphics, my SOAR project, etc would also be very dull.  (I mean who wants to know that A.D. stands for "Anno Domini"--the year of our Lord-- not "After Death" =P ??? or that pressing the '[' and ']' keys will make the brush larger or smaller in GIMP ???)

I'm positively sure that reading about all the snow we got would be very boring since you yourselves might also be in the same predicament.  (are any of you drowning in rain now too? Flooding warnings are all over my dance studio even cleared out the studio because they are right next to a major river--they even took up the floor mats)  Scooping snow by hand, having neighbors coming over to help, sledding, making jumps for the sled run, photographing the sledders--you should have seen their faces mid air!(maybe photos will follow, just maybe), would be very boring to read about, of course.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

Sooo, because I have nothing to say that worth reading about, I'll stop rambling. =P I'm really just procrastinating all the work I have to the bathroom, german, writing something for a friend, german, etc...*sigh* I'd better get on it...

Anything exciting from your week?

Maybe I'll have something interesting this next week...maybe, just maybe...

Love in Christ,



We haven't had anymore snow. But we've got the rain. The river near where I live is very high!
You have a great weekend! :)


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