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03 February 2012

Reflecting the Light - a (belated) thankful thursday

388: laugh lines (one grace wrinkled)

389: clothes washed, folded, placed away in drawers as an act of love (one grace smoothed)

390: a new semester, new beginnings unfolding (one grace unfolded)

391: the encouragement found in being told "You are different from all the other girls...the light of Christ shines in your are beautiful!" Matthew 5:16 

entering here



Oh wow. That is such a gorgeous photo, girl! (:


oh, Emily. this is absolutely amazing! I listened to this song 5 times.. so beautiful.


That's such a beautiful song... and wallpaper! :)


I hope you don't mind I downloaded it and saved it as my wallpaper. :)

Emily Grace

Thank you, girls!
Marcia - I don't mind at all if you use it. :)

mary ann

I love the picture! And your new blog design - I'm not sure if you're finished with it yet, but I thought you might want to know that your header doesn't link to the right blog... haha!

Emily Grace

Mary Ann - Thanks! haha--guess I was typing too fast on that one and didn't even notice my mistake. ;)

Grace Anna

Love the wallpaper for the challenge! Buatiful picture and song!

I also LOVE your new design! Soooo pretty yet simple!

Karissa Noelle

Wow! That last photo is absolutely stunning! It blew me away! Amazing job, Emily! :) Hope you are doing well!

Sister In Christ,
Karissa││Romans 12 <3


Emily, do you have a blog button I can put on my blog list?

Emily Grace

Joy - No, I don't have a blog button--you can simply add a link to my blog if you'd like.


Okay =D, thanks!

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