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29 February 2012

A Glimpse...

a glimpse of beauty...contrasting the ugliness of stomach bug sickness
a glimpse of peace...against the turmoil of sleepless nights
a glimpse of joy...shining through the discouragement of failure
a glimpse of love...displayed for all who would stop and see
a glimpse of forgiveness...despite my hard heart

a glimpse of the glory of God
...shown in the heavens for me tonight


mary ann

so pretty!


SO beautiful! We've also had a wonderful sun-set recently, I hope to share pictures. Such scenes are indeed a "glimpse of the glory of God"...

That poem is lovely, even though I'm really sorry you have a stomach bug sickness and couldn't sleep. I hope you're feeling better soon!

In His love,


lovely, dear. I love your perspective on things. and what a gorgeous sunset! (:


Beautiful picture! I was checking out your blog, and it's so pleasing to find another girl out there who loves God! :)

I'm your newest follwer :)

Karissa Noelle

very pretty! I was wondering... when you edit your photos, what program do you use? I used to use picnik, but it's going away in April! I'm sad about that, so trying to find a new one. :)

In Christ,
Karissa││Romans 12♥

Emily Grace

Karissa - I don't usually edit my photos, but I use GIMP when I do. :)

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