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23 February 2012

Day by Day - a thankful thursday

I have so enjoyed recording these graces day by day...


(three things blue)
394: time spent with a dear friend working on a design of blue
395: a homecooked meal still steaming on dishes of blue & white
396: the empty pages of a blue notebook waiting to be filled with grace


(one grace borrowed, found, inherited)

397: a camera that I use every day
398: encouragement in the simple things
399: love of cooking


(a gift before 9am, before noon, after dark)
400: sleeping in only to wake up to a room brightened by the sun
401: encouraging notes from friends
402: a clear night with stars shining bright

see the rainbow? =D
p.s. My daddy had surgery on his foot last week, he is healing and doing well. You can keep him in your prayers. =) It has been nice to have him home from work this past week!


Have a wonderful evening!



These are lovely... your bokeh and lighting are superb.


I love this!

xxo. Jazzie

Emily Ruth

Lovely photos and things to be thankful for!


Lovely photos, and I must say I love your layout! I have not seen it yet. So simple. :)

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