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16 February 2011

The Sweetness of Life

Life Is Sweet

1.)  Going through old pictures and remembering all the good times one had forgotten.

2.)  Receiving one's new laptop! =D (now I don't have to use my brothers--win win situation for the both of us! =P)

3.)  Writing in third person--even though it isn't required (most of the time one doesn't like to have to write in the third person) =P

4.)  Conquering HTML once again! :D (especially when it means one is finished with the entire new design of one's blog--releasing March 1st!)

5.)  Finally feeling like one's school project is manageable.

6.)  Perfecting a dance so well that one's teacher allows one to finish practice 10 minutes early.  (this is especially appreciated when one has blisters on one's feet)

7.)  Chocolate. 'nuff said. =)

8.)  Figuring how to graph on one's TI-84 Plus graphing calculator issued by the school. It is one pretty sweet calculator. :)

9.)  Warm fires, soft sweatshirts, and fuzzy socks!

10.)  Reading the last sentence in a book series, the one that makes everything right. =D

What makes your life sweet?

Love in Christ,


Crista "Moriah"

Beautiful post, Emily Grace! :)



cute post!
I too did one.
you have such an awesome blog here:)
God bless you, sweet girl.
xxo, Jazzie

book blogger

I posted what makes my life sweet on my blog (

book blogger

On my blog you asked about the cookie recipe. It is the date cookie recipe on the following blog
Hope you enjoy it!

Nicki T.

You have a really cool blog!

Abigail and Lydia

Hi, I'm Abigail! I found your blog through Pecan Pastures, McKenzie's blog, she's my cousin. So are you a dancer? I do ballet, I love it so much.:)
Yeah, blisters are so painful!!
You can check out my blog Amazed by Grace if you would like. ;)

Emily Grace

Thanks so much girls!

Book Blogger--thanks for the link, I checked it out! =)

Abigail and Lydia--Oh cool! Yes, I'm a dancer and I love it. =D Ballet is one of my favorite classes--but blisters make it miserable...ugh! I'm off to take a look at your blog, Abigail...=)

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