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03 February 2011

the Sweetness of Life

Life Is Sweet

Joining up with Ara over at Shilah!

Things that make my life sweet...

1.)  Neighbors who stop by to scoop your driveway because they know your dad is away on business(that way you don't have to scoop it all by hand!).  =D
2.)  Sunshine lighting up icicles until they sparkle. 
3.)  Reading a book late at night by the warm woodstove.  
4.)  Dancing until you're breathless! 
5.)  Singing the same song all day long. =D
6.)  Smelling homemade bread in the oven. 
7.)  Sunshine!
8.)  Laughing out loud for no reason at all.
9.)  New books arriving in the mail.
10.)  A God who is always there. 

Love in Christ,



Ooooo! I love all of those. :) :)

book blogger

I like that post!


I'm excited that your trying the recipe! Definitely let me know if you like them! :)


How sweet that your neighbor did that for you!! That is a true blessing!!

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