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10 June 2011


(For Your Information)

This summer I have the amazing opportunity to go work at a wonderful Christian camp. It is an all summer obligation and I won't have internet access. Therefore I won't be able to keep blogging over the summer. My blog won't be entirely neglected all summer. I have several wonderful guest posts lined up and a few Tuesday's Tips.


I will be serving in the horse barn as an Assistant Horsemanship Instructor. I will be assisting with lessons, chores, work projects, games, just to name a few things. =D


I have attended this camp for the past six years(five as a camper and last year as an in-training.). The photos in this post were taken last year. I will return with many stories to share, but unfortunately no photos. The point and shoot camera I took last year finally died. =(


Other news:

If you're interested, I am hosting a photography challenge over at my photography blog. =)

With the newest version of blogger comes some changes. One of those changes is that the 'edit HTML' option of blogger is going to be removed!!
Help keep 'edit HTML' for Blogger! Sign the petition [here]. More info [here].

Speaking of designs, I just finished this one for the giveaway winner. =) -->

Until the end of summer my friends!

Love in Christ,


Karissa Noelle

Awww, those horses are sooo beautiful! That is a really cool oppurtunity, Emily! I hope you will have loads of fun!

What does you mean when you say edit HTML is going to be removed? I think I know what it is, but does that mean that you won't be able to change your blog design or something? thanks so much!

In Christ,
Karissa :)

Emily Grace

Karissa - I know, I'm so excited!!(about going to work at camp, not that the edit html mode is being removed)

Yes, it means that you won't be able to change your blog design to a custom one with html.

Karissa Noelle

Aw man! That's really a bummer! (about edit html.) :(


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