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10 May 2011

Tuesday's Tips -A Note on Links

This first part is simply how to make a link in html.

Link code:
<a href="URL" target="_blank">TITLE</a>

Replace URL and TITLE with your information.

An example:
<a href="" target="_blank">a note on links</a>

a note on links

note: you cannot include the target="_blank" attribute within blogger comments because it doesn't support it 
(that code just opens the link in a new window/tab)

This second part is just a quick little tip. It is something that I've noticed happening on a lot of blogs. When you go to click on a button you get an error saying that the link is not found.

Not Found

Error 404

The reason for this is that when people put the link in their button's html code they don't start with 'http://'. If the link doesn't start with that then blogger thinks that the link is a part of the existing url.
For example if the button's link is '' or even '' then if you clicked on that button while on my blog the url would end up looking like this: '' or '' . 

Another thing to note: if you have a button for a certain post(such as a giveaway, blog party, or contest) don't link to just your blog! You need to publish your post, then get that link and put it in to the button. Otherwise people can't find your post without wasting a lot of time going through all your more recent posts. If it is a button for your blog, then just your blog url is what you need.

If you notice something wrong with a button, it is best to correct it yourself on your blog then let the owner of the button know. That way others aren't left wondering what's wrong and why the button won't work. =)

In Christ,



Is there a way to widen your entire blog using the html?

Emily Grace

Eliza - Yes there is. =D I'll plan on covering that next Tuesday, sound good?


Yes! I'll be checking back, thanks! I've really been enjoying these tips. Most people don't share them and take the time to explain them like you do. :) It's very helpful.

Ruby P.

thanks! I found out that I accidently had an S in Http thing!

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