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07 May 2011

Frolic -an epic summer blog party & huge giveaway

Guin over at Singing in the Rain is hosting a blog party with nine ridiculously awesome giveaways! =D

Favorite thing about summer?

well...warm weather, visiting family, swimming, more free time, beautiful weather, etc (I know it said 'thing', apparently I can't count =P)
In your opinion, the best scent in the entire world?

Right after a thunderstorm--awesomeness!
An embarrassing moment:

Let's skip this one as I don't want to have to recall any...because, you know, they're well...embarressing...and I try to forget them. =P

This is a bit overdone, but, what's your clothing style?

Deep question time: vanilla or chocolate?

Depends. Vanilla for ice cream, chocolate for cake.
Favorite quote?

Oh, I have tons of favorite quotes! Just one?! okay, how about this one:
"Let God have you, and let God love you - and do not be surprised if you heart begins to hear music you have never heard and your feet learn to dance as never before." --Max Lucado

Traveling: where would you want to go?

Anywhere and everywhere!
Favorite food?

Oh, that's such a broad question. I'll go with a broad answer, fruit. If I had to be specific I'd go with Raspberry Fluffy Stuff--I've been craving that recently, but it is a little to cold for it yet. =D
Canon or Nikon?

Cannon! I'm not biased at all either, considering I've never used a Nikon. =P
Are you a squeamish person? Any stories?

Depends...there are certain little insects that I can't stand. We'll forgo the story part...
Flipflops, bare feet, or heels?

Bare feet all the way. Flipflops are awesome too and heels are fun on occasion, but bare feet beat them by a lot. =D
Do you like old black and white films?

I have to say I like color. Old black and white films are fun, but not for watching all the time.
Skirts or jeans?

Jeans. =) But skirts are fun on occasion.
Fresh or saltwater?

For what? Drinking, fresh. =P Swimming, I'll take either--but I hate it when I get saltwater in my eyes/nose/etc.

Head on over to Guin's blog to join in the fun and look at all the prizes. =D

In Christ,



We are so alike! *teehee* Thanks for giving me possibly my new favorite quote! :) And thanks for being the first to enter.


p.s. The new blog design is AMAZING! Love it!


Thanks for telling me! I fixed it- would you mind taking the new button?


love the answers! coming over from the blog party.

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