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12 May 2011


the inability to remember a word or put your finger on the right word.

My sister found this word the other day, it is one awesome word. I don't know about you, but lethologica happens to me a lot. =P

Have you come across an awesome word recently?

I'm off to dance now--pictures are all this week and I have three classes tonight! (read: craziness and chaos but awesomeness at dance tonight!)

In Christ,


May Amelia

Yes I also suffer from this horrid little disease. Quite a lot. :/
Have a GREAT time at dance class! Sounds crazy busy but fun!!


*raises hand* That happens to me all. the. time. That and not being able to remember what movie a quote is from...very frustrating. :)


Methinks I'm going to have to use this word now. It's pretty awesome. I love words, especially coming upon new ones.

I've recently been looking into some British words and trying to use them in normal conversations. It's so much fun. Such as "prat" (stupid or foolish person), "knackered" (tired), "twee" (cute or dainty), or "whinge" (complain or mumble). Awesome, right?


Hey! I just LOVE your blog! I have one too!
come check it out!
Thanks, Angel


I definitely have that "inability." I can't stand when that happens... Next time that happens, I'll probably try to think of this word, to say that's what I have, and I won't remember it! lol :)

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