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08 April 2011

Challenging is...

Challenging \-lən-jiŋ\
1. offering a challenge; testing one's ability, endurance, etc: a challenging course; a challenging game.
2. stimulating, interesting, and thought-provoking: a challenging suggestion.

This short message by Leslie Ludy:

Oh that I may be like that man--being so fulfilled by spending time with Christ

I've also just received two of Leslie's books and LOVE them. (The Lost Art of True Beauty and Set-Apart FemininitySet-Apart Femininity expounds more on the points Leslie made in that short clip. The night I got the books I stayed up past midnight reading them, they're that amazing. Just read this section from The Lost Art of True Beauty:

The secret to becoming the radiant, beautiful princess of our childhood dreams is forgetting all about our self and becoming completely consumed with only one thing ---Jesus Christ. Just as John the Baptist, who declared, "He must increase, but I must decrease."
This isn't just eh secret to living out the true Gospel: it's also the secret to glowing with divine loveliness. It's the cure for female insecurity.

Isn't that amazing news?! She continues...

Think about it. A woman who has truly denied herself, taken up her cross, and become entirely consumed with Jesus Christ is not going to be an insecure young woman, starving herself and obsessed with making herself look more attractive. Rather, she's so enraptured with Jesus Christ that she's completely lost sight of herself. As Bishop Bardsley put it, "They care not at all what the world thinks of them, because they are entirely taken up with the tremendous realities of their King."
The women throughout Christian history who have truly glowed with heavenly beauty all had one thing in common---an emptying of self. They were so caught up in the things of God that they gave no thought to their own lives.  They did not seek to draw eyes to themselves. They sought to bring glory to Jesus Christ alone.
As a result they were some of the most confident, posed, and courageous women who have ever lived.  They accomplished amazing things for the kingdom of God. They saved lives.  They stood before kings. They rescued dying children.  They reformed societies.
And they did it without spending their time and energy focused on self.

Ahh, so challenging.

If you'd like to hear more from Leslie Ludy I would suggest checking out her site: Set Apart Girl.

What do you find challenging?

Have a wonderful evening! I'm off to a violin concert. =)

In Him,



I watched this not to long ago...oh how challenging. Because that's what it is...immensely challenging, thinking about how much I shove God aside in the pursuit of what I want, what I think I need. One thing I do know - I don't want to have to be shoved into a prison cell to have my honeymoon with Jesus. :D

May Amelia

I've read most all of Leslie's books and there are some things I don't agree with, but for the most party, they are very good! Glad to hear you liked them!!! :) Have a fabulous weekend!

Emily Grace

Liberty - One thing I do know - I don't want to have to be shoved into a prison cell to have my honeymoon with Jesus. --me too!!!

May - Thanks so much! May I ask what you didn't agree with?

=D Emily


oh, Emily! your new, spring blog design is sooo gorgeous! i feel so happy every time i come to read your blog and see the pretty pinks and greens everywhere!

Karissa Noelle

Emily, I read the Lost Art of True Beauty a while back and LOVED it. I am now reading Set Apart Feminity and love what I have read so far. Do you play violin? =)

Karissa <3

Emily Grace

Thanks so much Hannah!

Karissa - I have loved what I've read from both books so far--in case you couldn't already tell. ;)
Nope, I don't play the violin. =P My sister does, but we went to see Bill Murk play. He is an *amazing* violinist. His concert was full of praise to God and it was so encouraging!

Karissa Noelle

lol. Yes, I can tell! I don't think I have heard of Bill Murk. I will have to look him up. He sounds really good! I don't know if you know, but, I play violin! =)

Emily Grace

That's awesome that you play the violin, Karissa. Yes, do look him up. He's amazing and his faith is so encouraging. Especially look up his accident that happened in 1999 to him and his daughter--such an amazing testimony of God's mercy and grace.

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