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30 April 2012

song of my heart

change my heart O God
make it ever true
change my heart O God
may I be like You
mold me and make me
this is what I pray

(This song has been playing over and over in my head since last night...I think it is the potter song from the Donut Man, or something like that. ...)



Love your photo! You should enter it into Lucia's new photo challenge. :)
Hurry though. It ends in less than a day. :D

Also, love the words of that song. You know what's funny? I was singing that song just this morning. It's from Donut Man's movie Camp Harmony. :D Can you tell that I watched Donut Man as a young girl?




I love that song.... and yes, it was from the donut man :)


Oh I love this song! I didn't know it was from the donut man...but I still like it. So very true!



Oh sorry, I just noticed that you already entered a picture. :) good luck!


This is a lovely song, and the words are my heart's cry too.

Thank you for sharing. (the picture is beautiful!)

~Joy @

Emily Grace

Madison - I entered after you suggested to, just a different photo. Thanks for the suggestion and the sweet comment! :)

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