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26 April 2012

Glorious Light - a thankful thursday

365: extra time for a glorious sunset...because the car wouldn't start

366: grease on hands. wrenches, nuts, and late long night. bare toes on cold cement. a working starter for tomorrow's trip.

367: the strength to step out of my comfort is beautiful

368: simple joy - a baby tooth lost, leaving a big tooth sized hole and an even bigger smile on a little boy's face

369: golden light made even more glorious by previous days of April showers, both rain and snow

a self portrait..
lucia, etc.
entering the above photo

370: my God, the light of my world, in whom I have the light of life. (John 8:12) Glorious light!



beautiful pictures, Emily Grace!
P. S. the sunset picture wouldn't happen to be on the conference hill near the Scripture trail? :)


I love your thankful Thursdays, Emily! Thank you for sharing, and by the way your photography is Amazing.

In His love,

Emily Grace

Yes it is Sarah. =D

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