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24 September 2011

I am a...

I diddle and dawdle until the last minute until I have to do it.
I waste time doing all sorts of things--reading blogs, facebook, photography websites, etc when I should be doing school or chores.
It is not something I'm proud of.

A while ago my lovely sister found an awesome app for google chrome, the browser I use, called Stay Focused. What does it do? "StayFocusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites." Honestly, I think it is really quite effective for the most part. Of course, it is always my responsibility to spend my time wisely, but I think this is a helpful tool. =)

a post is never really complete without a photo...

I love autumn. =)
Do you struggle with procrastination?

Love in Christ,



Ooh, procrastination is something I ALWAYS have a problem with! One of my remedies is to make lists. This actually isn't helpful for my online time, but for the rest of my daily activities it's great!


Yes! I'm a very big procrastinator. I just might check out this google chrome app. :)



That sounds just like me! :P I use Firefox, and besides, I don't think the app will do much much good. I try to restrain myself. I've found what really helps me is a planner. I write every single thing that needs to be done during the week in it, and I don't rest until every chore and school subject for the day has a red check mark beside it! :)

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