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15 September 2011

Driving, Doors, & Dentists

Thursday, three weeks ago, was the day. The day scheduled to go into town.  The day that the fearsome orange cones would be waiting for me. I knew exactly how they would be set up near the curb in the back lot of the little blue building. Everything was well prepared for despite everything that seemed to go wrong.


I had gotten my fifty hours down. I had practiced numerous times. Then the suburban didn't pass inspection.
Waiting and waiting forever for the part to come in. When it did come in the morning before the test, there was one other thing missing.
Plan B: borrow a friends vehicle. It even had the same dashboard as Herbie, our suburban, so I felt comfortable in it. (Plus it is shorter than our suburban-yay!) So we trade vehicles that morning and drive to town. Where is their insurance card?
After a couple phone calls and time spent searching through the glovebox and console it is found.
At the library I practiced the dreaded task over four times--perfectly. Yes!--this is going to be easy.
Drive over to the little blue building. In the back lot I practice some more--success!--despite the fearsome orange cones and the crooked curb.  After watching me the lady said that practicing on Thursday's wasn't allowed. whoops!
Park. Go inside. Fill out paperwork. Walk outside with the same lady who told us that practicing wasn't allowed on Thursdays.


Check lights--all good. Drive to the back lot.
Attempt one: "I think I'm going to hit the curb, may I try again?" "Yes."
Attempt two: I hit the curb. "Whoops, I hit the curb." "I didn't feel anything, try again."
Attempt three: I hit the curb. "Well. I can't let you try again, I'm only allowed to give three tries. You seem to know what you're doing, but you're just cutting it too sharp. Practice some more and come back next week."


My mom put it this way, "That is just God's way of closing the door to you driving by yourself right now. We tried everything to get your test in today, but He kept putting roadblocks in our way. I don't know why, but He has His reasons and your best in mind. We don't see the big picture, but He does."

Now I just have to wait until Sep 29th(the day with the next open spot) to take it again. Hopefully I'll have more time to practice parallel parking with my dad before then! =)

That afternoon also held another dreaded appointment--a dentist appointment. ugh. Dentist appointments usually leave me with a headache from sitting in the dreary and cold room for two hours--or however long it takes them to do all six of us. (not to mention it smells odd too...) 
Anyhow, all went well, considering. I can't go to the dentist without thinking of this song...=P...

(so, I had planned to post this right when it happened, but I didn't have time until now to finish writing...)

Have a wonderful evening!

Love in Christ,



Oh my goodness, Emily! I failed my test the first time too. It's mortifying at the time, as I'm sure you know, but just use it to make you a better driver.
I'm sure you'll succeed next time, good luck!!


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