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12 January 2012

love of my Savior - a thankful thursday -

338: lens pen cleaner--love of a sister (something that's in my bag)
339: amish bread--love of a grandmother (something that's in my fridge)
340: love for others--love of my Savior (something that's in my heart)
341: time spent in prayer for me (a grace from someone I love)
342: time spent talking through life and school with me -- love of my Daddy (a grace from someone I love)
343: Titus smiles and asking to play a game (a grace from someone I love)

"take a picture of me pretending to eat all the peanut butter!"

344: winter sunrise through the dining room windows pouring across the table (a light that caught me)
345: the moon reflecting on the frost covered world (a reflection that surprised me)


346: shadow from the flickering firelight warmth (a shadow that fell lovely)

348: a necklace made with hope--all the way from Nicaragua (a gift in my hand)

349:Titus sleeping on his 'comfy bed' --couch+sleeping bags+pillows! (a gift I walked by)

350: little girl learning to read sitting on my lap in sunday school  (a gift I sat with)
351: tears.  (a gift that's sour)
352: tears that soften into repentance and forgiveness.  (a gift that's sweet)
353: challenges that challenge. and turn out just. right.  (a gift that's just. right.)

fonts: sell your soul, pea olson, perpetua

354: yellow sticky notes covered in lists with check marks (a yellow gift that strikes me as fresh mercy)
355: yellow lego creation that he explains to me in great detail  (a yellow gift that strikes me as fresh mercy)
356: yellow corn bread with steam still rising  (a yellow gift that strikes me as fresh mercy)
357: a humming fan--out with the cold air, in with the warm  (something above me)
358:   (something below me)
359: a stack of finished projects and a stack of ones to do  (something beside me)
360: a new discovery of b+w mode on the dslr and falling in love with the dramatic light it captures once again


p.s. are you participating in the joy dare?


Mary Kate

your pictures are great! I love your book cover!
~Mary Kate


Oh wow, the little boy is sooo cute! Unbelievably!
I just started following your blog and am already is love!


How pretty. :)
I have a question on my blog...
My blog title is the same font and color as my page text. I try to change the title/description to different color and font on Advanced Design, but it won't change. :( What should I do? :)


Emily Grace

Raina - Try reloading the page, but if that doesn't work, there is another way. It is a bit more complicated, but will work just the same.

Go to the template tab and click on the 'edit HTML' button. Search for #header h1 {--this code is for your blog title. Search for #header .description {--this code is for your blog description.

I suggest reading this for ways to customize the font. (color, font, size, etc.)

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. =)

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