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05 January 2012

january's joy dare - a thankful thursday -

  thank You, Lord, for...

231: the comforting knowledge that others are praying for me

232: the space between the woodstove and wall--perfect for warming cold toes

233: spiritual food and nourishment along with the physical

234: a challenge to keep me striving towards gratefulness

today's 3 gifts of something I'm reading, I'm making, and I'm seeing...
235: a new perspective on the life of Daniel (Exiles in Babylon by A.L.O.E) --oh that I would have the courage to stand up for what I believe in as he did!

236: the progress I'm making in catch-up work for school

237: for opening my eyes to see just how powerful words are. they have the chance to encourage immensely or to degrade and tare down others. Lord, that words of my mouth would be pleasing in Your sight!



Amen! This is a lovely post, Emily.
In His love,

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