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26 January 2013

You Are Loved

(These are my notes from one of my favorite chapel services this past summer at the ranch--Sunday morning, July 29, 2012. This message was so challenging to me then and it still is a wonderfully challenging message to me today--even though my notes don't do it justice. The photo is also from this past summer.)

John 14: Three Fundamental Truths

1} You have a Savior! (verses 1-3)
      - Why would Jesus tell them not to be troubled?
           -because He was on the way to the cross
           -because Peter (the strong one in the group) was told he was going to deny Jesus
           -because they were told that one of them would betray Him
         *-because Jesus' preparing was His cross bearing
2} You have a Father! (verse 21)
      - John 17:23: The Father loves me, Emily Grace, just as He loves Christ!
3} You have a Helper! (verses 16-18, 23)
      - Romans 8
      - we will never be alone

Boils down to this: YOU ARE LOVED!
       - so you're weary--YOU ARE LOVED
       - so you're going home to circumstances you fear--YOU ARE LOVED
     *- so you failed this past week--YOU ARE LOVED
       - so you_______--YOU ARE LOVED

So what are you going to do?

Philippians 3:8-11 {1}
       - Your knowledge of your fears/mistakes makes you ineffective, so press on and strive because the Savior has made you His own!

Matthew 7:7-12 {2}
       - the terrible burden of caring for yourself has been lifted by the Father!

Romans 8:26 {3}
       - know that the Spirit intercedes for you, so cry out in the simplest of ways!

This is the Love for which the world was made.

"Love well this week--give it your all--because YOU ARE LOVED!"


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