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06 July 2011

Change -a guest post

I do not like change. Who does? As soon as we figure everything out
change is the pesky little thing that gets in there and messes it all
up again. Especially being at the age that I (and most of you) are,
there are so many change taking place.

Now I'm starting to see that even though I don't like change, it's
what makes us grow. If a caterpillar refused to make a cocoon because,
"What's wrong with being a caterpillar?" then he would never fly. He
would never be made to his fullest. Never stretching his horizons.

Knowing that God is the same today, forever, and always. That's He's
Timeless. It's a promise that we have. It's that little steadiness
that see's us through. And when we look back, we'll marvel at how
through those little things God was molding us and making us for His
service. And how's he's always faithful. And always merciful. And
always forgiving. And always timeless.

And so...if it brings me closer to Christ...if it makes me into be the
person He wants me to be...

Bring it



Great post, Nana! :)

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